Most of Junction's OER-based courses use OpenStax textbooks as a primary reference.  In those cases, we suggest you refer to the OpenStax web site for the appropriate citation for the title in question. For example, OpenStax Sociology 2e carries a suggested citation of "OpenStax College, Introduction to Sociology 2e. OpenStax College. 24 April 2015."

If you're referencing non-textbook content in a Junction OER course, you can use the general reference:
"Junction Biology." Junction Education. Princeton, NJ.  Accessed April 16, 2018 http://<>.

For a course provided by one of Junction's publishing partners, kindly refer to their textbook or ebook for specific citation requirements.  If you are citing a publisher's non-book content in Junction you can use the format provided above for non-textbook content substituting the course title and publisher name and location fields for those matching your course.

Please use the suggested citation style - e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, etc. - recommended by your instructor.

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