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How is Junction Better Than a Textbook?
How is Junction Better Than a Textbook?
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Junction is designed around how today's students learn. Over 79% of students start studying by seeking out short-form videos and then discover additional study resources on the web spanning terms and definitions, study guides, flash cards and more. Junction subject matter experts discover, evaluate and curate these study resources, align them to learning objectives, and weave them into a complete course experience. Textbooks are still important, so we use a variety of peer-reviewed open-source textbooks, including many from OpenStax College, in all of our courses. Combine rich video, flash cards, textbooks, assessments (powered by Learnosity), an early warning system, video office hours, secure in-app messaging, learning insights and more - at an affordable price - and you get a learning experience that is far more engaging, and far more affordable, than a traditional textbook.

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