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What Are The Technical Requirements for Running Junction?
What Are The Technical Requirements for Running Junction?
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Junction is a touch-optimized responsive HTML5 application that runs on any recent version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or a Microsoft browser. So if you've got a device, browser and Internet connection you're generally good to go. As of July 2016 85% of our users visit Junction on a laptop or desktop computer with the remainder coming through on mobile devices with the most popular being Apple iPads (our iPad app is available here). That said, we've had users on 220+ different types of mobile devices from Chromebooks to Android Tablets to Windows tablets and dozens of different smartphones. Though we haven't tested on every possible device we've been careful to take a design and development approach to Junction that should enable it to run smoothly on any modern device and we're always amazed to see the wide, and ever-changing, range of devices in use when we visit campuses.

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